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Cool 2 Be Kind Club

Cool 2 Be Kind

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - Almost one in five high school students in the United States has been bullied while on campus. That’s according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At Spain Park High School, students are taking a proactive approach to stop bullying.
Wanting to “make a difference” is why three seniors started their own chapter of the Cool 2 be Kind Club.

"There is actually a psychology term called the Bystander Effect, where people can see a lot of bad things going on but someone is going to think, well someone else is going to report it, I don’t have to report it, which is where the bystander effects comes in and no one actually reports it,” said senior Subhan Ahmed.

That’s why the club helped develop the “bystander button.”

It’s an online form, where any student who sees bullying can report it, even if it’s not happening directly to them.

"It makes it more accessible to report and make sure Spain Park is safer. Because a lot of the time, students are too scared to speak up and this makes it really easy too,” said senior Kirba Chahal.

Students can submit tips and remain anonymous if they wish.

"Sometimes we don’t have to have all the information,” said principal Larry Giangrosso.

He adds that’s OK, because even with limited information from the bystander button, administrators will in many cases still have enough to act.

"We can monitor that better and supervise that better and hopefully put a stop to anything that we don’t want going on in our schools,” said Giangrosso.

It’s students giving other students a voice when they might not otherwise have one.

"The best things that happen on our campus are things that happen that are student-led, and this is truly student led,” said Giangrosso.

The button also allows students to report things like drugs, alcohol and even threats.

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