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Google Play's "Change The Game" Challenge National Winner: SPHS Senior


Spain Park High School senior Lauren Choi won one of the five national finalist spots by creating a game for Change The Game, a game design competition sponsored by Google Play. The idea for Lauren’s game is inspired by working in her Art class, mixing paint colors.  As a result, her creation is now available as an app in the Google Play store. 

Google HQ staff visited SPHS during the summer of 2018 to interview Lauren. They recorded a showcase piece in Mrs. Cindy Childers’ classroom.  During the promo piece, Lauren demonstrated her painting skills, discussed her artwork and explained the ideas behind her gaming innovation.  Lauren won an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles to attend E3 where she showcased her design. As a finalist, she attended a celebration of women in gaming, a VIP tour of Google Los Angeles along with female leaders in the industry. She also received a scholarship to attend Girls Make Games Summer Camp.

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Casey Middlebrooks