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HCS COVID-19 Tracking Dashboard

September 22, 2020

Dear Hoover City Schools Family,

Our COVID-19 dashboard allows you to review COVID-19 data.  In addition to county and state data, the dashboard presents information specific to HCS.  The data will allow you to see positive COVID-19 cases for students and personnel, and it will allow you to review information on the number of quarantined (exposed) and isolated (symptomatic) students and personnel.  Other information is also available.

It is important to note that numbers represented in our dashboard indicate data as reported to us by parents, students, and personnel - whether in virtual, blended, or in-person learning options. 

The latest Proclamation related to COVID-19 issued by Governor Ivey and the latest Order of the State Health Officer, Dr. Scott Harris, are set to expire on October 2, 2020.  Whether the proclamation and order will extend or be lifted in whole or part is not known.    

Further, the Alabama Department of Public Health Toolkit, which serves as a resource to school districts, is likely to undergo changes over the next two weeks.  The changes may be substantial, or, perhaps, less so.    

The HCS dashboard, Governor’s Proclamation, State Health Officer’s Orders, and pending revisions to the ADPH Toolkit will give us information worthy of review.

An embed of the COVID-19 dashboard sits below.  If you have problems viewing it on a mobile device, please download the Google Slides APP from your favorite APP store or view the presentation in another browser.


Hoover City Schools  

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