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Student Achievement Data Continues to Trend Upward

August 11, 2023

Hoover City Schools District Chief Learning Officer Dr. Chris Robbins presented the District's spring achievement data to the Hoover Board of Education during its August regular Board meeting. Dr. Robbins says the data was released early by the Alabama State Department of Education, which gives the curriculum and instruction team and school administrators more time to use the data to identify strengths and areas for growth.

The spring testing includes students in third through eighth grades for the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP)  and 11th grade for the ACT. In the student achievement summary, the percentage of students at or above grade level grew by three percent compared to the previous year's data in English Language Arts. In math, students at or above grade level also grew three percent. In science, the percentage increased by one percent compared to the previous year.

Over the past two years, Hoover students' achievement data has grown seven percent in English Language Arts, 14 percent in math, and six percent in science.

Dr. Robbins said, "You can see these gains over the course of the last two years. What this means is that our achievement data continues to trend upward. In Hoover City Schools, we’re continuing to trend in the right direction in all areas. In the gains that are represented in English Language Arts, math, and science over the course of two years, we outgained any comparable local or state school district. I'm really excited about what that means for students, teachers, and school leaders. We've had a commitment to student growth post-COVID, and I'm so excited to say we're leading the pack from a growth standpoint."

Dr. Robbins says District leaders will use i-Ready and Horizon (ACT) this school year to measure growth throughout the year and make adjustments informed by that data. He says there will be a continued focus on high-quality instruction, teacher development and support, and maintaining high expectations for the growth of all students.