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Hoover City Schools COVID-19 Procedures

Updated January 3, 2022

Face coverings on Hoover City Schools campuses will remain optional when students and employees return to school for the new semester on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Please know that if you desire for your child to wear a mask, it is commonplace and not out of the norm in Hoover City Schools. Many of our students and staff have continued to wear them the entire year. 

Face coverings are mandatory for school buses based on federal transportation rules. Students riding the bus are expected to provide their own face covering each day. 

Face covering requirements for school buildings will continue to be determined by a matrix. We will use our weekly district student positive case percentage that is released every Wednesday. We will need to see a percentage below or above 1.00% for two consecutive weeks before we will change our requirements between face coverings mandated (over 1.00%) or face coverings optional (at or below 1.00%). Our first data point for the new semester will be Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Employees and parents will be notified if the school face covering requirement changes.

In the elementary schools, if a student tests positive in a classroom, parents of each student in the classroom will receive a notification. 

In the middle and high schools, close contacts of students or employees who test positive will be notified. 

If a student tests positive on a school bus, parents of every student on the bus will be notified. 

We are asking our principals to return to practices which were employed successfully earlier in the pandemic such as encouraging social distancing, using flexible lunch formats, and the rigorous cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and materials.