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Rocky Ridge Elementary Principal Receives Proclamation from State Representatives

14 May 2021

HCS- At Monday night's Board of Education meeting, Alabama State Representative David Wheeler presented Rocky Ridge Principal Dr. Dilhani Uswatte with a proclamation.

The proclamation, from Representatives David Wheeler, Arnold Mooney, David Faulkner, Jim Carns and Allen Farley was to honor Dr. Uswatte for receiving the 2020 Alabama National Association of Elementary School Principals' National Distinguished Principal Award.

When asked about Dr. Uswatte, Rep. Wheeler calls Dr. Uswatte the "gold standard" for people who aspire to be principals.

"She is admired by her colleagues, teachers, students, and parents," Rep. Wheeler said. "We are fortunate to have her in the Hoover City Schools system."

For Uswatte, receiving the award from the NAESP and representing Alabama at a national conference is a tremendous honor.

"To receive this proclamation directly from Representative Wheeler meant so much that number one, our government would take the time to write this proclamation and take the time to present it despite all of the legislation going on during this busy time," Dr. Uswatte said.

Congratulations to Dr. Uswatte.

Representative David Wheeler standing with Dr. Dilhani Uswatte holding the proclamation at a board meeting