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Superior Niche Rankings for HCS

01 December 2020
By Ian Thompson, C.R.E.W.

HOOVER - Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. Niche ( helps as they assimilate voluminous information for parents to make such key choices.

Hoover City Schools, one of Alabama's largest school systems, has consistently ranked near the top of the Niche rankings, with years 2018-2021 no different. 

For best school districts in Alabama, HCS ranked fifth, fourth, fourth, and fifth across those four years; while ranking fourth, third, third, and fourth the same years for best school districts across Birmingham.

Niche prides itself on the transparency of how they arrive at their rankings.

According to its website, “Niche has over 750,000 school reviews from real students, parents, and teachers—more school reviews than any other place on the internet. This gives an unparalleled, honest view of what people really think about a school. We get deep too, asking questions about everything from college prep to cafeteria food.”

They continue, “Our data is the backbone of our ranking algorithms, and we are serious about its accuracy and completeness.”

Their data comes from many entities, including, but not limited to:

* US Department of Education K12 data on graduation rates and state -evel test scores.

* Private School Universe Survey (PSS) from National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) .

* Common Core Data (CCD) from National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

* Niche K-12 student and parent surveys administered to millions of parents, high school students, and recent alumni on

Noted as an industry leader in the field, Niche states on its website “…We have more reviews and statistics on more schools and places than any other site, giving us the most comprehensive coverage on K-12 schools, colleges and places to live across the country. We then connect that data across content areas in ways that our competitors cannot. For example, because of the breadth of our data, we’re able to know the SAT/ACT scores from students at a certain high school, as well as colleges those students go on to attend. That unique advantage in K-12 coverage gives us a similar advantage (in terms of data/users) for covering towns/neighborhoods.”