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HCS Engaged Learning at Home Full-Time Virtual School

June 17, 2020


In response to COVID-19, Hoover City Schools polled our community and the results indicated a need for an alternative setting to traditional schools. Virtual learning has been an option for high school students in Hoover for a number of years. This year, we will be extending access to grades K-12.  

How will it work?

The Engaged Learning Virtual School works much like a traditional public school, with the exception that students work from the comfort of their own home. Like in a traditional physical school, classes start in August and end in May. Teachers will assist students in working through weekly assignments with a mix of interactive and independent assignments. This is similar to what you experienced in the 4th nine-weeks of 2019-20, but there will be more content and the pace will match traditional school curriculum expectations.

More details...

  • The virtual student will follow the school board-approved academic calendar.
  • Students will be assigned to a Hoover City Schools teacher and considered enrolled at their base school. 
  • Best practices for virtual learning will be employed to include rigorous instruction, high expectations of student performance, and meeting all grade-level standards.
  • Students participating will be considered “in attendance” if they complete work on a weekly basis to stay on track with the traditional course schedule.
  • Reliable internet access at home is necessary.
  • Expressing intent to participate constitutes a commitment to virtual learning.
  • There will be an opportunity to transfer from full-time virtual learning to the school/traditional classroom setting at the end of each nine weeks.
  • Students will use district-approved learning management platforms such as Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology.
  • Students can be required to be on campus for certain events such as class meetings, state testing, or other activities designated by the school principal. 
  • Extracurricular Activities – Students must meet the same extracurricular activity eligibility requirements as students enrolled in the traditional day program, including, but not limited to, any applicable Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) requirements. 
  • All elective courses may not be offered to full-time virtual program students.

To review the Hoover City Schools Virtual policy, visit the HCS ELI homepage

If you are interested in the HCS Engaged Learning Full-Time Virtual School, please visit the Virtual School Full-Time Intent Form for 2020-21.