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Getting Started in a Hoover City School: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I begin the enrollment process and what I should I expect to do immediately after registering? 

A: To enroll in a Hoover City School, visit the school in which you are enrolling your student and provide the required documentation
Wait for a Snapcode email (usually 1-2 business days) with the link to complete online registration for your student. 

Q:  Who do I contact if I have trouble with the online registration process?

A: For issues with online registration, contact the school that your student will attend.

Q: What is the 19-student number and how is it issued/used? 

A: The 19-Student number is a unique identifier issued by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) for each student enrolled in a public school in the State of Alabama. This number travels with the student no matter which school/district they are enrolled in. Hoover City Schools uses this ID as the student’s primary ID number and email address/username.

Q: How do I pay student fees?

A: Online payments are preferred at  There is no online fee when paying by electronic check.  Mastercard and Discover will be accepted for a 5% fee. HCS also accepts cash, cashier’s check, money order.  If paying by check, please include name, home address, driver’s license number, and phone number. To pay fees online, you must have your student’s 19-Student number which may be obtained from the Registrar at your student’s school, once ALSDE has generated the number.

Q: When will Google accounts be set up for my student?

A: Account creation depends on there being a 19-student number assigned to a student. During the academic year, this number is generated upon enrollment. During the summer, this number is not generated until the ALSDE enables them (typically the last week of July). Once the student is assigned a 19-student number, they are included in the nightly export from our student information system and accounts for Google and other HCS technology resources are provisioned. Students can normally expect to have access to all resources within 48 hrs of being assigned a 19-student number. Students may obtain their Google account password from any of their teachers.

Q: When will my student get a Chromebook and how do I set it up?

A: Once online registration has been completed, a designated person at the school your student attends will submit to the ELI (Engaged Learning Initiative) team a technology service request with your student’s name, 19-student number, school, and the responses to the device selection choice and device condition agreement. Once ELI is notified, the device will typically reach the student’s school within 48 hrs and be distributed to them from there. Please note that this process may be delayed at the beginning of the school year due to the number of newly-enrolled students during the summer.

Q: How do I reset passwords for Chromebooks/Google accounts? 

A: HCS Technology generates passwords for all student accounts and they cannot be changed.  If a student feels his/her account has been compromised, he/she will need to have an administrator submit a technology service request to have their password changed by Technology. 

Q: What is iNow used for and how do I log into it?

A: InformationNOW (iNow) is the state-mandated student information system. All student data is tracked in this system including grades and attendance. Students will have their own login (19-Student number) and will be assigned a password.  iNow home portal credentials for parents are disseminated by the school that your student attends. Please contact a school administrator to obtain parent credentials for iNow. 

Q: How do I recover/reset a password for iNow?  

A: To reset your iNow credentials, contact the school office that your student attends. The technology department does not provide parental credentials for iNow for security reasons.

Q:  How do I determine bus eligibility, and then sign my child up to ride the bus?  Also, when/how will I know the route and pick-up/drop-off times?

A: Please visit our Transportation webpage for all details.

Q: How do I get a lunch account set up and how is my child’s lunch number assigned?

A:  The lunch accounts are automatically created from the student enrollment database.  The PIN is generated from the account that is created and numbers are distributed to the students on the first day of school or you can call 205-439-1061 to obtain a PIN.   

Q: What is the range of fees for extracurricular activities, clubs/organizations, and athletics? 

A: Fees can vary greatly according to type of activity and student choice of activities.  Please contact your child's school to get an estimated payment range.