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Rocky Ridge Elementary Closer to AdvancED STEM Certification

02 May 2019

(RRES) - Once it receives the official paperwork, Rocky Ridge Elementary School will become the first school in metro Birmingham to be designated an International STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school as designated by AdvancED.

According to AdvancED standards, STEM Certification helps schools meet the demands of the future. Today more than ever, institutions must prepare their students for careers of tomorrow by fostering and perpetuating enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. AdvancED's STEM Certification provides Pre-K-12 institutions as well as programs within institutions a research-based framework and criteria for their awareness, continuous improvement and assessment of the quality, rigor, and substance of their STEM educational programs. The Standard and Indicators clearly define the qualities and components vital to creating and sustaining superior, student-centered Pre-K-12 STEM teaching and learning programs, as well as clear expectations for student outcomes and mastery of 21st Century skills.

Through valid and reliable processes, tools and training, AdvancED STEM Certification ensures that even the most effective educators and programs continually assess and improve to meet the needs and demands of the real world. Take our complimentary STEM Self-Assessment to determine your school’s current level of implementation.

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