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HCS Capital Expenditures Include RC3 Career Center (CBS 42)

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) -- Dr. Kathy Murphy, the Superintendent at Hoover City Schools, says that she plans to propose two new capital expenditure projects -- an 18 classroom expansion for Berry Middle School and eight added classrooms for Bluff Park Elementary.

"As Hoover grows, we have additional needs to expand schools," explains Dr. Murphy. "And in the future, potentially building schools." 

Hoover City Schools just completed a brand new band facility at Hoover High School, and the Riverchase Career Connection Center (RC3) is still under construction. The RC3 is a facility for hands-on and career-focused learning and will open in August.

"We're always interested in making sure we have the best programs and the best opportunities for our students," says Dr. Murphy. "And with all of that comes a price tag." 

But that price tag could be big. 

Hoover City Schools says that between the band facility at Hoover High School, the RC3, standard annual maintenance, and the two proposed expansions, the school district could be looking at over $35 million in capital expenditures through 2021. 

A full breakdown of each expenditure can be found in the file attached to this article. 

In spite of the big price tag, some residents are on board.

"I think it's a great idea," says Tonya Yarchak of Hoover.

Yarchak says that she is in favor of the investments, especially the RC3. She herself received vocational training in business education and believes there is a need for more of those programs.

"I see a lot of kids going to school because they don't know anything else," says Yarchak. "All they know is that they're supposed to go to college afterward. It's almost like we have made blue collar jobs a dirty word. I think of all the times that I need a blue collar worker."

Dr. Murphy tells CBS 42 that she understands the expenditures are large in terms of financing, but she adds that she intends to have many discussions with the community in order to maintain a dialogue with the local taxpayers. 

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