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Rock Your School Day

The students and teachers at GSES participated in Rock Your School Day on September 19, 2019.  On this date, teachers across the U.S. committed to trying out a new strategy or idea to increase engagement in our students and further support a love of learning.  The GSES teachers tried out so many awesome ideas on this date.  From Kindergarten through 5th grade, teachers were innovative and inspiring for our students.  Many classes were transformed as teachers created a day of activities centered around a common theme such as: Pete the Cat, Mo Willems books, space, super heroes, Italian chefs, glow animals, and more!  Some teachers tried out a new technology like Nearpod.  Some classes worked together to solve a problem at the school and show community kindness.  We were excited to see students engaged in these unique lessons, and we are so thankful for our Rock Star Teachers!