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House Teams at Greystone-- New This Year

Have you heard? We are implementing a HOUSE system at Greystone this year. These teams or "Houses" will consist of faculty and staff from the school, as well as students from K - 5th grades. A house system will help build a sense of community and connectedness among our entire school community.


On the first Friday of the school year, we had an assembly with our entire school (minus PreK)! During the assembly, our students got to learn about each of our 5 houses and be introduced to many of the faculty members of each house.


On the second Thursday of the year, during PE, every student in grades K - 5th will get to participate in a random drawing to see which house they will get to join. The students know that their house selection is left to fate! We want to encourage all students to be proud of their house and to encourage successes from the other houses, too. 

We will share more about House as the year progresses.  We are excited about this new endeavor!