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March Madness Reading Challenge

Many GSES students participated in the March Madness reading challenge over Spring Break.  We are so proud of our students!

Here are the results of this fun challenge:

Top 5 readers in the school:
K - Taylor S. read over 580 minutes. (Lamb)
1st - Kei S. read 540 minutes. (Coston)
3rd- Ajab A. read 440 minutes. (Golden) 
3rd - Isaac S. read 640 minutes. (Tow)

Top reader for the school:
3rd - Merrin B. read 800 minutes. (Tow)

Our grade levels read:
K read 8,190 minutes
1st read 10,072 minutes
2nd read 12,240 minutes
3rd read 13,370 minutes
4th read 17,280 minutes
5th read 10,020 minutes

Top class in each grade level:
K - Goodwin's class read 3,323 minutes
1st - Coston's class read 4,080 minutes.
2nd - Mclaughlin's class read 4,490 minutes.
3rd- Tow's class read 3,140 minutes.
4th - Moore's class read 6,880 minutes.
5th - Roberson's class read 4,450 minutes.

All together - - - Our students read 71,172minutes over Spring Break!

That's 1,186 hours!

Way to go!