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Commit to 36!

It's time to Commit! The Hoover City Schools Foundation has launched its only fundraising campaign of the year, and we are encouraging parents and the community to support education in our district by donating at least $36 to support a student. That's just $1 for every week of the school year. With almost 14,000 students in our system, collectively we can make a big difference in the educational offerings for our students.

A donation to the Foundation goes to support educators in our district through Teacher Grants, SeedLAB team grants, and special programs. 10% of each donation goes directly to your PTO (20% if our school reaches 20% participation). Thank you for joining us in this very important cause, for the benefit of all of our students. Visit today and choose Brock's Gap Intermediate School. We hope each family will make this commitment to support education!

Commit to 36