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Students Craft Google Expedition of Hoover

Bo Doss Digital Photography Class
September 04, 2018

(RFBMS) - People across the globe can now explore Hoover, Alabama, and all its attractions via Google Expeditions thanks to a host of educators and students in Hoover City Schools.  

Mr. Bo Doss’ 2018 Advanced Digital Photography class, in collaboration with Mrs. Melanie Haynes (Instructional Technology Coach), played integral roles in engaging young learners through this 360-degree virtual reality technology that went live worldwide in August 2018.  Students capitalized on a unique opportunity to create a Google Expedition that is based solely on the city of Hoover.  During this process, students were introduced to a host of Google applications, technological tools and new ways to present visual imagery in exceptional manners.  Students worked directly alongside Mrs. Haynes and Mr. Doss as they were introduced to the world of virtual reality (VR) via headsets purchased by the school system.

Once acclimated to this technology, students began an online research process based on locations chosen by the class and reaffirmed by Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato.  Locations/attractions for the new app experience include the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Aldridge Botanical Gardens, Riverchase Galleria, Veterans Park, Moss Rock Preserve, and more.  Students divided into groups and worked to develop key points of interest significant to what makes Hoover a great place to visit, work and live. Together, they orchestrated a city-wide field trip to all the major points they researched and set out with their cameras to capture them. Throughout the process, students had the opportunity to work with a host of technological devices including DSLRs, a 360-degree digital camera, and a drone.

Download the Google Expeditions app and search "Hoover, AL" to see the new tour.

Google Expedition Glasses - Virtual Reality Goggles