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2018-2019 RFBMS Carpool Procedures

Carpool Parents,

The safety of the children has been and will always be the primary concern when establishing procedures.  Every day we attempt to complete the loading process as quickly as possible. With that being said, there seems to be two reoccurring issues concerning afternoon carpool that have been brought to my attention.    

First, if you are waiting in the loading area and your child does not come to your vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, the staff working carpool will ask you to pull around and reenter the loading area to attempt to pick up your child on the second time around (this adds around 2 minutes to the pickup process).   Please do not voice your anger at the teachers or staff if you are asked to do this.  It is your child’s responsibility to exit the school in a timely manner and watch for your vehicle.  The teachers will not call the child’s name but will call the make and color of the vehicle in order to draw the child’s attention to the loading area.  Our request for you to pull around and reenter the loading area is also being courteous to the vehicles behind you. If you are not able to pick up your child and send Grandma or Aunt Sue, please tell them the rules of carpool.   

Second, if you are asked to pull around and reenter the loading area please do not stop if you happen to see your child and attempt to call him/her to your vehicle once the traffic has begun moving.  We “stack” 15 to 20 cars into the loading area before we allow the children to enter the lanes of traffic.  This is the most efficient way to quickly load the large number of students. If you stop to load your child halfway down and then exit the loading area, we would have children attempting to cross the lanes of traffic with moving vehicles.    Saving two minutes in carpool is not worth even the smallest chance of a child being struck by a vehicle.

Basic Rules for Carpool:

  1. Move your vehicle forward in the loading area until you are told to stop.  
  2. Once your child is in the vehicle, wait until you are released before moving forward.
  3. If your child does not see you or has not exited the school yet, please circle around and reenter the loading area as instructed.  
  4. Once the children are safely in all the vehicles waiting in the loading area, you will be allowed to exit the parking lot.
  5. Vehicles are not allowed to cut across the parking lot.  Safety issue.

Our goal is to get the children loaded into vehicles as quickly as possible, but we will not sacrifice safety for speed.  Thank you in advance for your corporation in this matter.


Officer Lee Love

SRO RF Bumpus Middle School

Hoover Police