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HCS Cafeterias Find Unique Ways to Encourage Breakfast Participation

National School Breakfast Week - two students having fun

(HCS) - Hoover City Schools celebrated National School Lunch Week in big ways. Our cafeterias served 14,075 breakfast to students during this special week. Sponsored by the national School Nutrition Association, National School Breakfast Week seeks to encourage greater breakfast participation among students. The hashtag #NSBW19 flooded social media in an effort to execute this year's theme: “Start Your Engines With School Breakfast” which is designed to show parents, students, and school officials the benefits of fueling up for the day with a healthy school breakfast. In Hoover City Schools, each CNP (Child Nutrition Program) manager was asked to collaborate with principals in coordinating a promotion designed specifically for their campuses. Here is a snapshot:

-Brandi Simpson, CNP Manager at Brock's Gap Intermediate School, invited Talladega Superspeedway officials to visit the school and encourage students to "Start their Engines" with Breakfast. A local maintenance worker for Hoover City Schools brought his race car along with the Official Pace Car from the Talladega Superspeedway.

-Pattie King, CNP Manager at Hoover High School, created a photo booth in the dining room for students to take selfies. Each day, a different administrator served breakfast to the students. Josh Niblett, Hoover High School Head Football Coach, rounded out NSBW by serving students.

-Liz Whidden, CNP Manager at Greystone Elementary, started the NSBW with a proclamation from the school resource officer that everyone should eat breakfast. The school jump rope team performed and ended the week with a visit from Chief Meteorologist James Spann - who emphasized the importance of breakfast.

-Tawana Stewart, CNP Manager at Deer Valley Elementary, got the students excited with a photo booth and started them on their daily race.

-Ida Collins, CNP Manager at Trace Crossings Elementary, had daily events that were parent/visitor-focused.

-Cecelia Tate, CNP Manager at Shades Mountain Elementary, had a Pancake Breakfast to celebrate the week.

-Karen McCall, CNP Manager at South Shades Crest Elementary, decorated with the CARS movie theme to encourage the little ones to start their engines with breakfast each day. She designed and created "cars" with boxes from her food deliveries and made a photo booth to capture the excitement.

-Brenda Ross, CNP Manager at Gwin Elementary, encouraged all students to start their days with a yummy chicken biscuit and encouraged parents to join them.

-Bridget Thomas, CNP Manager at Bluff Park Elementary, designed a photo frame for her Breakfast of Champions.

-Marnette Locklyn, CNP Manager at R.F. Bumpus Middle School, had daily drawings if students participated in breakfast and gave away donated prizes.

-Teresa Short, CNP Manager at Simmons Middle School, partnered with her school librarian and had "Books and Breakfast." She also provided bookmarks and held a participation contest; the prize was the planning of a full day's menu (meals of students' choosing).

Schools across Hoover look forward to this week each year. Additionally, our cafeterias celebrate other key weeks throughout the school year including National School Lunch Week (NSLW) held each October and also an outreach of the School Nutrition Association. Hoover Child Nutrition Program (CNP) leaders have embedded Leaders Serve Day in NSLW in recent years, recruiting local appointed and elected officials to serve students in cafeterias during lunch.