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HCS Cafeteria Health Inspections: Perfect Scores

HCS lunchroom
January 31, 2019

(HCS) - Half of Hoover City Schools' cafeterias have received perfect scores following their most recent health inspections. School cafeterias with a perfect score of 100 include:

Spain Park High
Hoover High
Green Valley Elementary
Gwin Elementary
Deer Valley Elementary
Simmons Middle
Rocky Ridge Elementary
Shades Mountain Elementary

The other half of HCS campuses received respectable scores:

Berry Middle 99
Bluff Park Elementary 99
Greystone Elementary 99
Riverchase Elementary 99
Brock's Gap Elementary 99
South Shades Crest Elementary 99
Trace Crossings Elementary 98
Bumpus Middle 95

"The most recent inspection scores show the dedication of the Hoover City Schools Child Nutrition Program employees to provide excellence in sanitation. The CNP staff takes pride in providing healthy, safe meals to the students, faculty, and staff of Hoover City Schools," Melinda Bonner, Child Nutrition Program Director, said.

The Hoover school system is unique in that it straddles two counties: Jefferson and Shelby. That said, different county health departments inspect different cafeterias. The public health laws of Alabama require that any operating food establishment must maintain a valid permit issued by the Health Department for the operation of that establishment. Environmentalists make inspections of every establishment where food and beverages are prepared, served or offered for sale to the public.