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T.E.A.M.S. Represents BMS on National Stage


Berry Middle School promotes teamwork and excellence in all areas; math and science are no exception - as evidenced by the school's fantastic finish at a national competition this summer. The Berry Middle School TEAMS group traveled to Washington, D.C. just before the start of this school year to compete in TEAMS: Test of Engineering Aptitude in Math and Science. This year’s theme was “Engineering the Brain" - and BMS students were up to the test.

The students competed in multiple areas of competition to include: Digital Media, Design and Build, Engineering Computations, and Prepared Presentation. The competitions involved everything from using animation software to make infomercials for driverless cars to designing and building robotic cars. Berry Middle School placed in the top ten in each of the categories and earned the number one spot in Engineering Computation. Berry Middle School earned second place in the nation overall. 

Top Ten medals were given in each of these categories::

Digital Media: 5th Place
Design Build: 8th Place
Engineering Computations: 1st Place
Prepared Presentation: 8th Place
Best in Nation: 2nd Place

Congratulations to the BMS TEAMS members:  Riley Ashford (8th), Kailey Detloff (8th), Evan Houser (8th), Fiona Selle (8th), Kaushik Dheervath (7th), Anna Fagan (7th), and Morgan Pritchett (6th)  Thank you to Kathe Howard for sponsoring this team for six years, and leading them to achieve greatness!