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New Simmons Middle School principal is no stranger to the community

Kevin Erwin in Simmons gym

26 July 2019
Hoover Sun/Jon Anderson

(SMS) - When the principal position at Simmons Middle School came open in May, following the decision by Brian Cain to retire, 99 people applied for the job.

Hoover schools Superintendent Kathy Murphy said there were a lot of qualified applicants, but one name rose to the top: Kevin Erwin.

Erwin is no stranger to Simmons Middle School, having been at the school for 20 years. He started in 1999 as an eighth-grade social studies teacher and football, basketball and track coach. In 2012, Cain hired him as an assistant principal, and when Cain had to take medical leave in January, Erwin was asked to step in as acting principal.

Murphy said Erwin proved his ability to lead the school during those five months and certainly has served the district well before that. He also brings many important values to the table, she said.

“Mr. Erwin is a person that walks with integrity and has a strong belief system as it relates to children and who they are and how we welcome them,” Murphy said. “I see a real commitment in him to embrace all of our children each and every day.”

He knows the importance of teaching and learning and certainly knows Simmons well, she said. “There will not be a significant learning curve.”

Also, Murphy said she received numerous emails from faculty and parents supporting Erwin for the job.

Erwin said he couldn’t have asked for a better script. He lives just five minutes from Simmons and is working at a school where his wife and five children attended. “I’m in my dream job,” he said.

While Hoover is a big city, he feels like he is part of a very intimate community. He said he loves seeing students and parents at the store and even loves when a mother stops him while he is working in his yard to talk about her child’s science grade.

He previously taught four people who now work at the school, he said. “That builds community, and it makes you really want to be part of something that’s bigger than you.”

He doesn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night when a false alarm goes off at Simmons or helping out with painting or pine straw with the Hoover City Dad Brigade back-to-school cleanup because it’s his school and he takes ownership of it, he said.

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