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NEW: 9 Excused Absences Per Year


[HCS] - For the 2018-2019 School Year, students will be allowed nine (9) parent notes per school year for excused absences, down from the previously allowed eighteen (18).  This policy change has been incorporated into the 2018-2019 Code of Student Conduct, approved by the Hoover Board of Education at its July meeting.  As a reminder, all parent notes (which require a parent signature) and/or doctor notes must be turned in within three days of the student's return. Failure to do so would be evidence of the student being truant.

“The best way to take advantage of quality instruction is to be present at school,” Bob Lawry, Student Services Specialist, said.

Lawry helped lead a committee during 2017-2018 which analyzed the district’s chronic absenteeism rate and sought ways to improve student attendance.  Chronic absenteeism, defined as missing fifteen (15) days of school for any reason, counts against an Alabama school system on the Education Report Card.  For the most recent Education Report Card (2016-2017), Hoover City Schools’ chronic absenteeism rate was 9.77% - compared to 17.68% statewide. Chronic absenteeism accounts for 10% of a school system’s annual report card.  The Education Report Card also tracks Academic Achievement, Academic Growth, Graduation Rate, and College and Career Readiness.

Administrators across Hoover City Schools know personal situations arise and want to work with families when situations warrant a discussion.

“We have great administrators that have conversations with families when we have attendance concerns,” Lawry said.

See the full Hoover City Schools Code of Student Conduct Attendance Policy (pp. 43-46).


Política de asistencia/Recordatorios

Comenzando el año escolar 2018 y 2019, se les permitira que los padres escriban  notas escusando la ausencia de 9 días para todo el año escolar. Tenga en cuenta que este es un cambio con respecto al año pasado.

Como recordatorio, todas las notas de los padres y las notas del médico deben entregarse dentro de los 3 días posteriores a la fecha en que los estudiantes regresaron. Si no lo hace dentro de los tres días, la ausencia será injustificada.

La "Ausencia Anticipada" ha sido modificada también. Por favor, consulte a su escuela para más detalles.