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Safety in our Schools

(HCS) - SAFETY is our number one priority in Hoover City Schools.  If safe environments do not exist, teaching and learning cannot occur.

We have 11 full-time School Resource Officers (SROs), 13 Reserve Officers, and two full-time SRO Sergeants.  These men and women serve our schools each and every day.  They patrol campuses, help secure perimeters, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.  Beyond that, SROs develop rapport with our students and employees in order to gain trust.  This trust proves vital when investigative information is needed.  SROs have become key figures in our continuous plan to keep students and employees safe.

The visibility of SROs on our campuses serves as a deterrent.  However, we have many additional safety measures in place:

  • Lockdown drills (all students, all employees)
  • Threat awareness drills (employees)
  • Driver’s license scans (checks against national sex offender registry)
  • Visitor badges
  • Security cameras
  • Campus perimeter scans
  • Compact 2020 Tipline

Specific to our drills, we analyze each one to determine vulnerabilities and adjust accordingly.  Administrators review safety/crisis plans throughout the year with the insight of SROs.  If a threat occurs, SROs assist school administrators and conduct threat assessments to determine credibility.  For obvious reasons, we cannot disclose all details of our safety plans.  But please know: these plans encompass many critical facets ranging from evacuation logistics to student/family reunification.

Our school system has been ranked the safest in Alabama and fifth safest in the United States by  This national organization arrived at these rankings via a variety of methods: U.S. Department of Education data; parent/student surveys; student absenteeism; per-pupil expenditures; in-school and out-of-school suspensions; expulsions; law enforcement referrals; and school-related arrests.

We appreciate our great partnership with the Hoover Police Department and other local/national agencies like the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and Compact 2020.  Together with Hoover City Schools’ Mental Health Committee (school counselors, social workers, interventionists, and behavior specialists) - we work to identify and mitigate any known threats.

Keeping our schools safe is our priority.  It takes vigilance on the part of everyone.  We will continue to commit resources and engage in advanced training as we face an increasingly complex and dangerous world.  Whether a student, employee, or parent - we encourage all of you to say something, if you see or know something.  Working together, we all can do our part to create safer school environments.