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Matt Wilson: New HCS Coordinator of Maintenance

matt wilson talking to wes wilbanks at hoover operations center

August 23, 2019
Ian Thompson/C.R.E.W.

(HCS) - Things have a way of coming full circle. Just ask Hoover City Schools’ new Coordinator of Maintenance, Matt Wilson.

Growing up in Quincy, Massachusetts, Wilson attended Quincy Vocational High School following high school, where he studied to be an electrician. Thus, he takes a lot of pride in joining a school system that’s just opened a new skilled trades center (RC3). The prospect of joining the HCS team at such a pivotal juncture proved highly appealing for Wilson, who began his post in July.

“Truly, that (RC3) excited me the most. It is very near and dear to where I came from. I did not learn about the RC3 Center until my initial interview. However, following the interview, I researched the project to better understand it,” Wilson said. “I became very excited at the possibility that I could potentially be part of it.”

During his own vocational training, Wilson took a job as an apprentice electrician and set a path to become a licensed journeyman electrician. This led to a move from Massachusetts to Birmingham in 1990 to work initially with Griffin Electric on the construction of the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) east expansion. With the expansion completed, he chose to stay and took a job as an electrician at the BJCC.

matt wilson headshot Wilson would advance all the way to the director level at the BJCC, becoming Director of Operations in 2000. He was responsible for most day-to-day behind the scenes work: operations, mechanical, security, setup, building services, parking, shipping and receiving, and more. Additionally, he served as a liaison between and among independent contractors including food and beverage, event staffing, parking, and security, plus long-range planning and development of the BJCC. One day, he learned of the position open in Hoover City Schools.

“I’d reached a point in my career that if something different; something equally challenging came along, I would take a serious look at it,” Wilson said.  “When I learned of [this] position and read the requirements, I said to myself that sounds like me. I’d not been actively looking, but this was too good to pass up.”

Wilson talked of initially learning the job while focusing on the strengths of his department and analyzing and improving weaknesses and procedures.

“We do a lot more than maintaining buildings and grounds, although that is a key part. There’s a tremendous amount of planning, both short-and-long-term; [and] forecasting for capital projects. Looking at which projects we can work on during which breaks (Christmas, Spring, and Summer) while continuing with our day-to-day maintenance work,” Wilson said.  “I am very excited to be here at HCS. My goals are to be involved with the team and provide support and guidance in order to enhance the performance of the department - and prepare them for opportunities for their growth professionally.” 

Opportunities that have just begun at RC3 - a campus that might very well produce the next Matt Wilson.

I realize the deficiency that exists within the trades and with an obvious aging workforce that exists.  There is an overwhelming impact that will be far-reaching well beyond Hoover now that this career center has opened. I believe RC3 will be a trendsetter for the state.”