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Girls Engaged in Math & Science

February (2019) Two hundred of our Hoover City Schools girls descended on Rocky Ridge Elementary on Saturday, Feburary 2, 2019 for the annual Girls Engaged in Math & Science EXPO:  "Anything YOU Can Do, I Can Do BETTER". Dr. Dil Uswatte hosted the event coordinated by Geri Evans & Nancy McGowan. Superintendent, Dr. Kathy Murphy served as keynote speaker.  Twenty-four teams sponsored by elementary classroom teachers, STEAM teachers, Math Coaches, and Enrichment teachers brought projects to share with other teams, family, administrators, and Hoover partner organizations.

After presentations, the girls attended four sessions led by Math Coaches, Technology Coaches, Nutrition specialists, Spain Park Engineering Academy, Aldridge Gardens, Southern Research, and community partners specializing in math, science, and technology.

Parents attended a concurrent session focusing on our new Alabama Computer Science Standards and resources from led by Hoover Technology Coordinator, Kelli Lane and's Ashley Waring of Trussville City Schools.

GEMS provides opportunities for girls to explore all areas of math, science, and technology while incorporating the use of creativity and communication skills.

This year's project titles:

Which Hogwarts House are You In

Making Paper

Charging Your Phone with Food

Dissolve the Rainbow

Yummy Gummy Bear Science

Bacteria Throwdown

Diaper Mania

Global Girls

Natural Disasters: Tornadoes

Making a Gem

Want S'More

The Paper Project

Exploring Explosions

Year of the Cool School: 2020

Genetics: Peas to Blood Types

Food Explorers

Gems Growing Gems

Beating Lung Cancer

Tinker, Code, 3D Print, Oh My!

The Sci Behind the DIY

Photon Flower

Defying Gravity to Launch Rockets

Breaking the Code

Plastic Isn't Fantastic