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Kindergarten Holiday Math Quest

December (2018) Kindergarten students began a holiday math project as soon as they returned from Thanksgiving break.  For the month of December, students have been on a quest of measuring, comparing & contrasting sizes, and putting objects in order from least to greatest and connecting with storybook characters who share their passion.  Each kindergarten student began by recording their own height and comparing this measurement to the SMES Gingerbread Man:  Taller, shorter, same size? This information was used to compare and contrast with classmates and form groupings based upon their data.  Students placed measured items in order to talk about least to greatest and greatest to least and used math manipulatives to show how objects can be used to generate a non-standard measurement. As a culminating activity each student constructed a keepsake in the form of a snow person.  This artistic representation began with a plank cut to each child’s specific height.  Students used counting to add mouth and button details.