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Hovercraft Land at Rocky Ridge!

(RRES) - The Hovercraft Project recently visited Rocky Ridge Elementary!  Fifth-grade students worked all day in the gym with former elementary math and science teacher, Mr. Matthew Chase - who developed The Hovercraft Project.  Rocky Ridge Elementary School Principal Dr. Dil Uswatte (a former math teacher herself) collaborated with her team to bring the project to the school in hopes of not only providing a day of fun, but a day of STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) instruction.  The Hovercraft Project fits neatly into the culture and climate at Rocky Ridge Elementary School, which just this year earned International STEM certification.

"This has proved one of our most popular endeavors to date, Dr. Uswatte said.  "It was a day of instruction wrapped up in fun."

According to Dr. Uswatte, at least three other Hoover schools have expressed interest in bringing The Hovercraft Project to their campuses next year.  Rocky Ridge Elementary also plans a repeat visit.

The Hovercraft Project models science, teamwork, and leadership to 5th and 6th-grade students through a fun, participatory and immersive learning experience that can be hosted by any school in America: building a fleet of fully functional, safe and reusable hovercrafts, according to the organization's website.

Developed by Chase Educational Consulting (CEC), The Hovercraft Project travels from city to city to work with schools, education organizations, after-school programs, religious institutions and community centers to divide up to 128 students at a time into teams of 6-8 for a day unlike any other they have ever experienced.

Each student team is composed of a hand-selected team leader who—under the supervision of the project leader—is responsible for managing his or her team members, each of whom have been assigned their own unique roles for the building process. Working together to implement instructions developed by The Hovercraft Project’s Executive Director, Matt Chase, these teams compete to build up to 16 rideable hovercrafts, in just a matter of hours!

Cognizant of today's educational environment, The Hovercraft Project meets CORE curriculum requirements and promotes interest in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). The Hovercraft Project can be tailored to incorporate educational, curricular, motivational or spiritual concepts requested prior to project launch. The Hovercraft Project takes just one school day to complete.  See more at