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Highlights from our Principal


Dear Families,


What an amazing Movie Night we had last month! It was so wonderful to see so many families coming together to support the school and build community. If you were not able to attend, don’t worry because there are other upcoming events around the corner. The next one I would like to invite you to is Friends & Family Lunch on Nov. 8 or 9. Your child’s teacher will send the exact day and time for their class. You should have received more information in your child’s Wednesday folder on Nov. 1st. If you missed it, feel free to reach out to me, your child’s teacher, or Mrs. Judy and we will get another one for you. 


We are very excited to be taking part in the National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence (BRES) evaluation process again. The Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School Award is a recognition program for schools of excellence. We received the award five years ago but must be reevaluated again to maintain the credentials. The BRSE Blueprint for Excellence is designed to be a positive school improvement process that covers nine major categories of critical performance elements found in excellent schools. After the Thanksgiving holiday break you will receive a survey to complete as part of this process. The next part will include a site visit for our school in January. This is a time to let them know all the great things that are happening at the school.  This is one of the many steps we are taking to ensure we have a quality school for your children and our community. As soon as we receive word about our review, I will be sure to share. I feel confident about this visit because of the amazing students and teachers in the school! 


I want to share that the playground contract has been signed! The school’s portion, after the district pays, is almost $50,000. It should arrive for installation this summer. We are planning a last minute fundraiser specifically for the playground. It is a Silent Auction. Make sure you stay on the lookout for information from our PTO!


Lastly, I would also like to take a moment to thank all of our Veterans who have served our country. I, along with the staff, appreciate the gift of service that you have given. I hope you enjoy the special day this Friday designated for you. 




Dr. Alice Turney