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Highlights from our Principal


Dear Families,


What a great and hot start to school! I am so appreciative of everyone helping get the
school year kicked off. Special shout out to everyone who followed carpool procedures
by using the correct entrance, to all our wonderful parent volunteers who showed
understanding as new students (and some returning) learned their carpool numbers.
Over 1/2 of our 596 students went home carpool the first day! It is going to be a
great year, a hot one but great! I cannot recall ever having to call indoor recess due to
heat as many days we have had this month alone due to the heat index. I am
hopeful for cooler weather ahead soon, especially with Movie Night right around the
corner. If you have never attended Movie Night, I hope that you are able to join us.

We have already started beginning-of-the-year assessments with students in an effort to
provide the most effective instruction possible for your child. This includes their iReady
assessment which should be completed by 9/1. We will also send home the results
from iReady the following week.  ACAP scores are also in and we will be sending the
home the first Wednesday in September. As a reminder to all 3rd grade parents, students must
pass the ACAP to continue on to the 4th grade. If students do not pass the 3rd grade
ACAP, they can receive a 2nd chance to take the supplemental ACAP during a summer
literacy camp or with the Literacy Portfolio meeting critical standards. The work that is
needed for passing this exam does not start in just 3rd grade. It starts years before
your child enters 3rd grade. You can begin to support your child's readiness by doing
the following: 

1. Read to them nightly (even if it is the same book. Rereads are great)
2. Have them read to you, even if they are just telling a story with the pictures
3. Play word games that include rhyming and changing letters/sounds to make new
4. Encourage conversations about the world around them, how you are completing
tasks, and storytelling
5. Have your child write about the stories they are reading

Please feel free to ask for specific strategies to support your child. Your child's teacher,
our Reading Coach, Ms. Hyche, and I are happy to provide support and suggestions. I
am LTRS, Highscope, and Orton Gillingham trained, Ms. Hyche is Orton Gillingham,
IMSE, and LTRS trained, and your child's teacher has a wealth of training as well too!


I do have a short survey to share with you. This is to provide us will information as we are planning for teaching and learning. 

23-24 Elementary Fall Survey



Looking forward to an outstanding year!

Dr. Alice Turney