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From Principal Dr. Alice Turney

October/November 2018

We have been busy improving our campus. Many of you may have noticed the new paint on the crosswalk and fire lane in addition to the paw prints at the front of the building. These came to be from recommendations of the Safety Patrol. The kids love them and so do the staff who work carpool. It has made communication easier while working the carpool line.

Additionally, we are very excited to be working with one of our RES parents, Jason Carr, to develop smoother, automated processes for carpool. This web-based app features many capabilities such as connecting carpool numbers with student names. When the student's number is entered into the app from outside in carpool, a visual and verbal response will display in the gym for students. The app will also allow for multiple people to enter carpool numbers from different points in the line, run reports about pick-up times and number of times a number is entered, and notifying the staff inside when a child's number has been called more than once just to name a few. It will be a big step up from the current walkie talkie system we have now. We are going to have to do some upgrades to our infrastructure in order to have access to WiFi outside of the building and we will work out a few more bugs from the program before launching. A big thank you to Mr. Carr and his colleagues at Ensadi for helping us roll this out during the month of October.

We are currently looking at the possibly creating additional activities for the playground. Be on the lookout for a request for painting helpers one Saturday in the coming weeks :)

Parent Teacher conferences are right around the corner. Please make sure you schedule one with your child's teacher when the information comes home. This is an important part of the partnership that we want to develop to enhance your child's education.

As always, thank you for sharing your child with us!

Dr. Alice Turney