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Riverchase Career Connection Center Holds its First-Ever Signing Day

20 April 2021

HCS- Several years ago, many across the Hoover City Schools landscape had a vision. That vision was to open the door to students in career and workforce development.

Fast forward to now, and the sounds of power tools and the aroma of culinary masterpieces fill the air of the Riverchase Career Connection Center.

While it is still relatively young, RC3 celebrated another milestone by holding its first-ever Skilled Trades Academic Signing Day. RC3 Director, Dr. Debra Walker Smith, said students were interviewed by various fixtures in the business and industry world. Many of them had multiple offers from companies, so they decided to hold a signing day to congratulate them on their success.

In total, 13 students signed on with companies in construction, HVAC, and electrical. Some of these students will be taking part in apprenticeship programs. Some will be continuing education, but they will all be getting paid to work and learn and continue to hone the talents they have acquired while taking part in the RC3 Skilled Trades Academy.

  • Dillon Heatherly (Spain Park) Myrick Gurosky & Associates
  • Brodie Garner (Hoover) Hardy Construction
  • Luis Sanchez (Hoover) Myrick Gurosky & Associates
  • Stephen Deuel (Hoover) Hardy Construction
  • Anthony Gomez (Hoover) Hardy Construction
  • Miguel Ramirez (Hoover) Marathon Electrical Contractors
  • Elijah K Lewis (Hoover) Marathon Electrical Contractors
  • Cole A Hill (Hoover) Hardy Construction
  • Taylor Williams (Hoover) Marathon Electrical Contractors
  • Maya Sullens (Hoover) Hardy Construction
  • Micah Ayala (Homewood) Standard Air, Plumbing & Insulation 

"It is not only big for the students," RC3 Director Dr. Debra Walker Smith said. "It is also big for our district. It is big for our community because there are so many pathways to success, and these students have identified their passion and their purpose. I am excited about them being able to work and earn a living doing something they love to do."

Students like Cole Hill and Dillon Heatherly say an opportunity like this is life-changing, and they owe the success to the tutelage they have received at RC3.

"Knowing that you are needed, you are wanted in the trade, knowing that people are waiting for you to graduate and knowing where you are going to go is surreal," Hill said.

"A day like today is the start of my long career in skilled trades and construction, and it is the start of my journey in life," Heatherly said.