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Help prevent the flu!

Cold and flu season is here! In an effort to keep our children well, we ask that you please remember the following:

● Students should not come to school if they have shown signs of sickness before arriving at school (including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.).

● Students should not come to school if they have been diagnosed with a contagious illness or have a fever.

● If a student has been diagnosed by a doctor with flu or another highly contagious illness, please inform the nurse at Gwin. We like to keep note of flu cases, and we clean and sanitize more in common areas where multiple cases have been reported.

● Remember that you may write a note or provide an excuse from a doctor to request that missed days due to illness are counted as excused versus unexcused absences. This information can be provided up to three days after the child returns to school.

● Students who have fever or other outward signs of sickness will not be allowed to ride the bus home. We require that parents pick-up their children in these cases to avoid having the child become more ill in route home or to avoid spreading the sickness to others.