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Marching Band Captures Top Spot at JSU Competition

HHS Marching Band group photo in gym
October 19, 2019

(HHS) - The Hoover HS Marching Band won 1st Place in "4A Category for the Bands of America Regional Championship" on October 7, 2017 at Jacksonville State University (JSU).  This was the first time an Alabama band has made the top spot at this annual marching band competition.  Hoover High School Director of Bands Mr. Ryan Fitchpatrick shares other details on this historic accolade:

Q: What other recognition did the Hoover High School Marching Band receive at JSU?
A: We also received the award for "high visual" and "high general effect".

Q: What is the significance of this event in the band world?
A: Very significant - as most bands in our state do not compete in regional events (Even though this competition was held at JSU, only three bands from the state of Alabama participated). We competed with bands from five states and continued to help define a national reputation of excellence for the Hoover Band program.

Q: What show was performed by the band at this competition?
A: The band performed the competition show, specifically designed to facilitate a successful opportunity in this setting.

Q: How proud are you of this student success?
A: This is a wonderful achievement that our students, school, and community can be very proud of. In the past week, we have received congratulatory letters from various university band directors as well as leaders in the music education industry. I am very proud of our students and am eager to see our program continue to develop as we provide the best opportunities for future success.

Q: Where can people learn more about this event and other bands which may have participated?
A: The Bands of America website -

Q: Your new multi-million dollar band room is almost complete.  Share with us what that means for your students and your program in general.
A: Progress continues to be made and we are all very excited about moving into the new facility. It is difficult to know exactly when move in will take place, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a beautiful facility that will be a tremendous asset for our students. Currently, when we have bad weather in the afternoon (which is often of course), the band doesn't have anywhere to practice that is large enough. This new room will ensure the band has adequate space for practice. Additionally, our current space does not have enough storage space or lockers for students to safely store their instruments. The new building has great storage and ensures that each student will have a locker. It will be a building the students of the Hoover Band program will be grateful for and proud to call our new home!

Hoover HS Band Room Addition