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Happy Black History Month 2023!

February 2, 2023


(Hoover, AL) - Black History Month is a unique opportunity to highlight, celebrate, and become more knowledgeable about Black heritage and experiences and to honor our nation’s notable Black leaders. In doing so, we can strengthen our students’ knowledge and insight regarding the issues of civil and human rights.


While Black History Month entails 28 days devoted solely to Black history, the Hoover City Schools District (HCS) is proud of the educational equity, diversity, and inclusion demonstrated year-round for all of our students.




  • 23.5% of HCS student population is Black


  • 25% of HCS principals are Black


  • 41.4% of HCS assistant principals are Black


  • 44.4% of HCS District administrators are Black


  • HCS celebrates the highest number of Black principals, teachers, and District administrators in the school district’s history.


  • Since the summer of 2019, HCS has had a contractual partnership with the Elam Leadership Institute (ELI), a national organization for educational institutions working with diverse populations to address the achievement and connectedness of all stakeholders. ELI provides equity and inclusion training for HCS administrators and teachers to implement equitable practices in our classrooms and throughout the District.


  • Since winter of 2019, HCS has had active District Equity and Parent Equity Committees and also Student Diversity Councils.


Read more about the District’s previous equity and educational initiatives here. HCS engages in diversity and equity practices which are in action in our schools, but there’s still progress to be made. The district remains committed to supporting our diverse population of students, improving the diversity of teachers in the classroom, and providing resources to our teachers and staff to ensure all students learn and achieve academic success.


Hoover High School held a Black History Month kick-off program on Wednesday, February 1. The event included Miles College and University of Alabama at Birmingham sororities and fraternities and a Q & A session with former University of Alabama basketball player Tarik London and Hoover Board of Education member Kermit Kendrick. Please visit your school’s website for a list of activities planned for Black History Month and other exciting events happening throughout the year. Watch the video to see some of Hoover High's program and hear elementary, middle, and high school students talking about the importance of celebrating Black History Month at their schools!