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2022 ACAP Data: HCS Among the Highest Achieving School Districts in the State

September 23, 2022

(Hoover, AL) - The results from the 2021-2022 Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) and ACT college entrance exams have been released from the Alabama State Department of Education and show Hoover City Schools students made significant gains in math, ELA, and science.

According to the test scores, 70% of Hoover students scored at or above grade level in ELA, 56% of the students scored at or above grade level in math, and 60% of students scored at or above grade level in science. Compared to the 2020-2021 ACAP and ACT scores, these most recent scores show a 4% increase in ELA, an 11% increase in math, and a 5% increase in science. These one-year gains indicate that achievement levels for Hoover students grew at a rate of more than twice the state average in every area, placing Hoover City Schools among the highest achieving school districts in the state in ELA, Math, and Science for 2022.

Dr. Chris Robbins, Hoover City Schools Chief Learning Officer, said, “We were exuberant when we saw the tremendous success of our students on these most recent assessments. Hoover City Schools has an amazing team of principals, teachers, and support staff who show dedication to the continued growth of their students. While our schools have much to be excited about and celebrate, we will also keep our eyes forward with our district’s plan for continuous improvement.”

Robbins says in September, for instance, the district’s curriculum and instruction team collaborated individually with each school’s data leadership team to identify their school’s specific areas of success and opportunities for growth, pivoting to conversations about goal-setting, assessments, resources, and more. "This is just a small piece of a large and ongoing conversation," Robbins said.

Hoover City Schools leaders say the test results are a testament to the hard work of teachers, students, and support staff last academic school year. Dr. Robbins says while the district celebrates the students’ hard work and the staff’s dedication to student success, we realize the importance of keeping the momentum going to continue to improve student achievement.

Robbins said, “After meeting face-to-face with each of the principals and their data leadership teams, I can say confidently that each of our schools is poised for continued student growth in and beyond the 2022-23 school year. Our recent conversations revolved around three consistent district instructional priorities — high-quality classroom instruction in all schools, supportive and relevant professional development for teachers, and high expectations for growth for all students. These are our instructional non-negotiables as a district.”

Dr. Robbins says it's vitally important to focus on the district's areas that require growth. Both Hoover and Spain Park High Schools are working hard to offer opportunities for students related to the ACT, including a new resource for 9th graders called Horizon, which is an ACT-specific benchmarking tool.