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Beloved Spain Park High School Principal Larry Giangrosso Retires

July 6, 2022

(Hoover, AL)-  After nearly 50 years in education, Spain Park High School (SPHS) principal Larry Giangrosso has retired. Giangrosso has been the principal of SPHS for the past seven years and says what he’ll miss the most is interacting with the students, as well as all the people who support students, like the secretaries, support staff, administration, and faculty of SPHS. 

“I never thought about retiring,” said Giangrosso. “I’ve always been happy with whatever job or position I’ve had. So I never thought about retiring, but there comes a point and time when you feel like you need to do other things in life, and one thing that I'm looking forward to is spending more time with my family- my wife, children, and grandchildren. When you’re in education and in the positions I’ve held in those 47 years, I was away from home a lot. When I was coaching, it was year-round competing, and then when you get on the college scene, not only do you have competitions and games, but then you have recruiting. Then when you get into administration, there is always someplace I could be because there was always something going on at Spain Park, either on the road or at another school. You’re always gone,” said Giangrosso.

Giangrosso graduated from John Carroll Catholic High School and served in the United States Air Force Reserve and the Alabama National Guard. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In his 47 years in education, Giangrosso began in 1975 as an English teacher and coach (football, basketball, and baseball) at W.A. Berry High School, working with the legendary Coach Bob Finley. He worked at Pelham High School before beginning his career at SPHS in 2012, where he served as an assistant principal and ultimately the school's principal for seven years until his retirement.

“I’m going to miss the competitiveness of being a principal. I say that because there are so many things that we have to do to keep Hoover City Schools and Spain Park High School at the forefront. When I was a coach, it was always about the competition and trying to do the very best you could, but it didn’t stop when I became an administrator. Every day you want to ensure you’re doing the best for our students, our school, and the school system. I took that very, very seriously. My job was to make Hoover City Schools a better place every day,” said Giangrosso.

Giangrosso says SPHS has a lot of traditions and a lot of expectations. He hopes that the work and commitment continue to ensure SPHS remains competitive in every aspect for the betterment of the students and school system.  

Giangrosso said, “There is an expectation whether I’m the principal or for the next principal or the one after that. There will always be this expectation for SPHS. The administration, faculty, staff, supporting staff, and counselors are the ones who have got to keep it going. It’s up to them to continue the expectations that everyone has for SPHS. We answer to the students and community, so it’s on us to lead, whether I’m there or not. The expectations will still be there.”

SPHS staff will host a retirement celebration for Giangrosso on Thursday, July 21, at 3:00 pm inside the SPHS competition gym.