• Families of elementary students:

    Hoover City Schools would like to share information regarding a new virtual option for the 21-22 school year. Through this year-long program, Hoover City Schools will partner with Edmentum. Students will receive high-quality, individualized learning with exemplary instruction and regular interaction with instructors. This program is different than the virtual instruction provided during the 2020-21 school year. 


  • What is the commitment for the elementary virtual program?

    The commitment for the elementary virtual program is the full school year. 


    Who is the external provider for the elementary virtual program?

    The district has partnered with Edmentum to provide the elementary virtual program. 


    Will my student be provided with a district Chromebook for use?

    Yes, students are issued a district Chromebook. 

    Who will families communicate with at Hoover City Schools?

    Bryan Phillips, the district's Chief Technology Officer, will serve as the site coordinator for the elementary virtual program. 

    How will my student's attendance be recorded?

    Virtual students are considered as being in attendance if the students are successfully progressing in the virtual education coursework. The site coordinator will communicate with teachers frequently in order to track the progress of students.

    Can my student participate if he/she has an IEP? 

    Yes, all elementary students are welcome to enroll in the elementary virtual program. 


    Will my student have access to a district-owned device?

    If you are new to Hoover City Schools, arrangements will be made for your student/s to pick up a district-issued Chromebook for use throughout the program.


    Will I have any communication or contact with my zoned elementary school?

    Yes. Counseling services, 504 plans, and special education plans will be managed by your zoned elementary school.

    Will students participate in the district and state assessments?

    Yes, students will be required to complete assessments required by the district or state department of education. 


    What courses are available?
    Students will be enrolled in Math, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and two electives. All courses will be taught by Alabama-certified teachers.

    Will students have opportunities to attend live sessions with teachers?

    Yes, students will be provided live sessions with teachers. Information will be shared with parents soon. 


    Will families have access to live help?

    Yes, Edmentum provides live help at scheduled times for families. 

    Will teachers communicate with families? 

    Yes, teachers reach out at the beginning of the semester to understand the best way to communicate: phone, email, text. Edmentum expects teachers to return communication within 24hrs (M-F). Edmentum teachers are expected to grade and provide feedback within 48hrs (M-F) of when submitted. K-5 teachers schedule a bi-weekly meeting with families. 

    Do you have additional resources that families can review? 

    Yes, Edmentum hosts a Student/Parent/Caregiver site with information.