PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

  • What is it? 

    PBIS stands for “Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports.” PBIS is a school-wide approach to behavior expectations, seeking to reduce or eliminate poor behavior through the encouragement of positive behaviors. The goal of PBIS is to create a positive school climate in which students can learn and grow. The focus of PBIS is on teaching and promoting positive behaviors to prevent/de-escalate/reduce disciplinary issues. 


    Commit to J.A.G.S

    SPHS students commit to J.A.G.S in every area of our school including the classroom, hall areas, cafeteria, gym, entrance to the school, bus, restroom, etc... 

    • Join - excellent collaboration and participation in class 
    • Accomplish - work diligently, put forth your best effort
    • Grow - apply learning, advocating for oneself, accept challenges and persevere
    • Support - show respect for classmates and teachers, be inclusive and encouraging to all, invest in others


    PBIS Tiers of Implementation: 

    Tier 1 - Universal or Primary Prevention - may include over 80% of students.  SPHS has a PBIS Matrix that outlines the positive behaviors expected to be exhibited by all students. Designed to reduce problem behaviors and increase instructional time.

    Tier 2 - Secondary Prevention -  may involve 10-15% of students. Addresses at-risk behaviorSpecialized interventions to address and supports to prevent the escalation of problem behaviors. Tier 2 interventions parse out hidden causes behind negative behavior and provide support in changing those behaviors. SPHS will focus on Tier 2 interventions for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Tier 3 - Tertiary Preventionmay involve 5% of students. Interventions that target students who exhibit high-risk behavior.  Interventions may include individualized plans to address specific academic or behavioral concerns.



    Celebration / Recognition:

    SPHS will celebrate students who have demonstrated a commitment to J.A.G.S. at the end of each 9 week grading period.  Also, teachers select one student per week to be recognized via a positive email to the parent.


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