• Mission Statement

    Spain Park High School is more than just a school, for it is an anchor in our community and in the lives of so many in Hoover. For many of the students, faculty, and staff that walk our halls every day, it is a home away from home for us.  It is a place where we come together to not just learn and teach but to live. Thus, the People of the Park Project was born.

    The People of the Park Project is an effort to remind us that we all have stories that bind us together as one community. Each of us has a story to tell. A story that makes us unique. A story that we carry with us every day. We are more than just teachers and staff at the Park. We are role models for others trying to find a way. We are friends extending a hand to others in need. We are family. We are Spain Park.


  • Victoria Bye

    Victoria Bye

    Photography by Sara Grace Estill

    No matter what you are going through, there is always hope. You are not alone. You are loved and you are worth fighting for.

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  • Cindy Childers

    Cindy Childers

    Photography by Evelyn Lawson

    As a child, there were many times that I could not understand why we only had water, tea, and powdered milk, and never ice-cream. I was embarrassed if one of my friends saw us loading groceries into a taxi at the grocery store in order to get them home.

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  • Kellan Selle

    Kellan Selle

    Photography by Zaida Weibley

    We knew the likelihood that he would live was slim, but we were tearfully hopeful. We held him, watching him fight to take that first breath. I remember whispering, “Please breathe. Please breathe.” He never did.

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Last Modified on April 1, 2019