• Riverchase Career Connection Center (RC3)

    "Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession." (G. Bernstein)


    Q: What is RC3?
    A: RC3 is an acronym that stands for Riverchase Career Connection Center.  It is located at 853 Willow Oak Drive, Hoover 35244.  This was formerly Riverchase Middle School.

    Q: Who can go to RC3?
    A: Any 10th, 11th, or 12th-grade student who has a particular interest in the skilled trades and professional career fields that are taught at the center.  Students must apply, just as they would if they were applying for a job.

    Q: What career programs will be offered in 2019-20?
    A:  In the first year, there will be five anchor programs:  Building Science Academy (construction, electrical, HVAC, and welding), Cyber Innovation Academy (programming, network administration, cybersecurity), Culinary Arts and Hospitality Academy (cooking, serving, event management), Fire and Emergency Services Academy (firefighting, emergency medical assistance), and Health Science Academy (nursing, pharmacy, home health care).  

    Q: What about transportation to and from RC3 from Hoover HS or Spain Park HS?
    A: Shuttle bus service provided between high schools or students can drive.

    Q: What about extracurricular activities?
    A: Students keep connection with home campus (HHS/SPHS) and extracurricular activities.

    Q: How is the school day organized at RC3? 
    A: Two shifts per day: Morning and Afternoon.  The student will pick a shift that best compliments home campus needs.  One shift will earn three credits, and the other shift four credits (elective).  Possible electives: Health/driver's ed; Spanish for the Workplace; X-Build Team; Small Business Management. 

    Q: What about English and Mathematics? 
    A: English and Mathematics courses are integrated into career programs (Regular to AP/Dual Enrollment).

    Q: How will the RC3 environment be structured?
    A: This will be a simulated workspace environment.  Students will be treated as "employees" while on campus.  There will be an application and interview process.  There will be no bells; flexible scheduling will be adjusted by staff on a weekly basis.  Students will clock in and clock out of workspaces.  Industry partners will establish workplace rules and provide real-world mentors.  There will be an emphasis on soft skills.

    Q: What programs might RC3 have in the future?
    A: Automotive technology, Biotechnology, Heavy Equipment, Landscaping, and Mechatronics. 

    #HooverWorks Career Expo (October 2018):

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