About Instructional Support Services

  • What We Do...

    Enable students to receive the support and assistance that they need in order to enhance their educational (i.e., academic, communication, personal/social) performance.

    Assist teachers with ideas regarding accommodations, adapting materials/testing, teaching/behavior strategies to meet the diverse needs of students.

    Support and supplement classroom instruction - not replace it. 


    Services/Supports available to assist teachers in knowing how to address the varying needs of students: 

    • Problem-Solving Team (PST)
    • Special Education services
    • 504 services
    • Enrichment/gifted services
    • Instructional coaches/facilitators
    • Counselors
    • Homebound Services
    • Nurses
    • Autism Specialist/Behavior Specialists
    • Consultants
    • Intervention Counselors
    • Guidelines & Procedures
    • Attendance Procedures & Assistance
    • Professional Development Opportunities