• The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Hoover High School allows our students to receive a world-class, comprehensive education.

    To complete the IB Diploma, students take IB classes in their junior and senior years in which they complete projects, labs, papers, and exams that are graded by both the classroom teacher and outside examiners. Upon completion of these courses, students receive scores in each subject which may qualify them for the IB Diploma and earn college credit. Students may also take individual IB courses and receive official scores without pursuing the full IB Diploma.

    The IB Diploma is more than a collection of classes. In addition, students complete projects of creativity, action, and service (CAS), an extended essay on a topic of their choice, and the Theory of Knowledge course, which helps to bring together their knowledge from different academic areas and enhance students' critical thinking skills.

    For more information about the IB program, please check out our LiveBinder: Bit.ly/HHSiblive

    If you have any questions about the IB program, please contact the IB Coordinator Melissa Hamley at 205-439-1200