Toothpick Bridge Companies

Toothpick Bridge Competition

  • April (2018) SMES 5th grade Enrichment has worked on constructing bridges made from flat, wooden toothpicks and colored glue.  Students formed companies and had to stay within a "budget" to complete their bridge.  All bridges had to be a truss bridge, but students were free to create their own design or use a "standard" type of truss design.   Company roles included an accountant, an architect, a carpenter, and a project manager. The company names, final load, and pictures of the bridges are below. You can see the competition by clicking this video link.

    1. One Way Bridge 7 lbs.
    2. Trust the Truss 21 lbs.
    3. B&P Bridges 6.2 lbs
    4. Better Builds Inc. LLC 10 lbs.
    5. JeF_Bridges 8.8 lbs.

    One Way Bridge  Trust the Truss Bridge B & P Bridge Better Builds Inc.LLC JeF Bridges  

Last Modified on April 10, 2019