• Berry Middle School

    Counselor’s Corner

    *BMS Counselors rotate with their group of students each year*


    6th Grade: 

    Mrs. Leonard



    7th Grade:

    Mr. Aufdemorte



    8th Grade

    Mrs. Hartwiger




Logo for Neighborhood Bridges
  • Neighborhood Bridges

    Neighborhood Bridges works alongside our existing school-level efforts to assist students in need, helping counselors quickly meet individual needs of children and families.
    Neighborhood Bridge delivers:


    • Quick and easy ways to deliver individual needs of children/families (30 seconds to post and meet needs)
    • Empowers school counselors, SROs and faculty to quickly and easily deliver the individual needs of children
    • Engages the community to deliver individual acts of kindness (not just those that have school children)
    • Delivers on key strategic priorities of school systems


    Check out the Hoover Neighborhood Bridges page and join the #KindnessIsCool effort.

Last Modified on August 25, 2019