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    PTO Bylaws


    Bumpus PTO Executive Board 2023-2024

    President: Katie Friedman

    President-Elect: Josie Kurz

    Fundraising: Liz Conboy

    Assistant Fundraising: Amy Stephens

    Assistant Fundraising: Eva Cottrell

    Hospitality: Adrian Bevis

    Assistant Hospitality: Allison Burleson

    Assistant Hospitality: Holli Parker

    Events: Hillary Wilkerson

    Assistant Events: Ali Owens

    Communications: Heather Kirk

    Treasurer: Julie Dozier 

    Assistant Treasurer: Spring Rush

    Volunteers: Justin Hardy 

    Assistant Volunteers: Carolyn Bunch

    Parliamentarian: Susan Moll

    Secretary: Marcie Morris

    Contact us at: bumpuspto@hcs-students.net  
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Last Modified on September 12, 2023