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Dr. Dee Fowler

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  • Dear Parents and Staff,

    In years past, I have written a letter welcoming parents to the new school year. Even though I want you to feel welcomed, this year feels different. We enter this school year with a keen focus on the logistics of reopening school. The Board of Education and I have been very concerned with these issues. As most of you know, the Board has recently conducted two work sessions dedicated to this topic. One was to receive your thoughts and concerns. The second was to facilitate an open discussion between board members. Both were well attended and different views were shared by parents and Board members in a very respectful and productive manner.

    After the first meeting, our reopening plan was crafted and amended, and countless hours were spent reading emails from you and speaking with our state and local leaders and health officials. This led to a revised reopening plan that was presented to the Board on August 5 in the second open work session.

    The Board felt comfortable with all aspects of the plan with the exception of masking. Some Board members wanted masking to be strongly recommended but optional. Other Board members wanted a limited masking plan; a masking plan that would last for 30 days and ensure that masks are only worn inside. When the meeting concluded, it was agreed that I would present both plans to the Board on Friday, August 6.

    At the meeting on Friday, August 6 the Board voted to approve the 30-day limited masking plan.

    There are some of you who will not feel comfortable sending your child to school regardless of masking recommendations. We understand and are pleased to offer virtual learning options to you. If you want a virtual option for K-5 students, please visit this page for information. Secondary students can contact their schools to discuss options.

    Our detailed and Board approved reopening plan can be found on our webpage: Hoover City Schools

    I realize that our community has differing opinions about mask requirements. I hope that this letter and our reopening plan can be received in a spirit of respecting these differing beliefs. I can assure you that we will continue to work with officials and monitor how the plan is working in our district. It is my sincere wish that we all enjoy a safe and rewarding school year.


    Dee O. Fowler
    Superintendent of Education
    Hoover City Schools