First Name Last Name Department Position Phone Email
Anna Whitney Special Services Instructional Support Specialist 205-439-1017
Anne Sargent Child Nutrition CNP Bookkeeper 205-439-1061
Autumm Jeter Curriculum & Instruction Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Benita Young Federal Programs Secretary 205-439-1051
Bob Lawry Student Services Student Services Specialist 205-439-1027
Cara Fancher Human Resources HR Analyst 205-439-1093
Claire Jones-Moore Instructional Support Director of Instructional Services 205-439-1050
Debra Smith Federal Programs/Assessments Director of Federal Programs 205-439-1085
Ivy Boswell Instructional Support Instructional Support Specialist 205-439-1056
Jason Gaston Public Relations Coordinator 205-439-1054
Jennifer Cole Human Resources HR Analyst 205-439-1041
Kathy Murphy Administration Superintendent 205-439-1015
Kerry Pate Human Resources HR Specialist 205-439-1091
Kristi Williams Human Resources HR Specialist 205-439-1031
Layne Lavett Finance Bookkeeper 205-439-1024
Lesli Polk Payroll/Benefits Payroll Specialist 205-439-1044
Linda Goodwin Payroll/Benefits Payroll Specialist 205-439-1037
Lisa Yancey Student Services Office Manager 205-439-1016
Mary Veal Human Resources HR Director 205-439-1000
Melinda Bonner Child Nutrition Program CNP Director 205-439-1060
Michele McCay Finance Finance Director 205-439-1012
Peggy Winstead Human Resources Receptionist 205-439-1000
Sharon Tucker Payroll Assistant Payroll Director 205-439-1046
Sharon McCall Payroll/Benefits Payroll Specialist 205-439-1039
Steve Marshall Payroll Director of Payroll 205-439-1036
Tera Simmons Administration Assistant Superintendent 205-439-1000
Teresa Meadows Finance Accountant 205-439-1042
Terri Spain Instructional Support Mental Health/Student Support Specialist 205-439-1059
Terry Lamar Central Office Director of Equity and Educational Initiatives 205-439-1058
Tina Hancock Finance Chief School Financial Officer 205-439-1011
Tricia Neura Child Nutrition Program Assistant Director 205-439-1062
Wayne Smith Student Services Coordinator 205-439-1026
Whitney Cook Curriculum & Instruction Curriculum Coordinator 205-439-1057