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Employment Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to work at Hoover City Schools? 

All vacancies for Hoover City Schools (teaching, administrative, classified, secretarial, custodial, etc.) are posted on the Alabama State Department of Education's Applicant Tracking Enterprise website. To apply for any position, you must have a current application on ALSDE Teach in Alabama and apply for relevant jobs.  HCS posts certified, classified, and administrative positions.


Where do I find Hoover City Schools on Teach in Alabama?  

Hoover City Schools is listed in School Board District 4 in the Applicant Tracking Enterprise website

Where do you want to work?

How do I edit my work locations on my application?

Sign into your application on Applicant Tracking Enterprise. Click on the "My application" tab and then click on "where do you want to work."  Edit your work locations.  Please note that Hoover City Schools is located in School Board District 4.  If you do not have District Four selected on your application, you will not be able to view open positions at Hoover City Schools. 

What is the difference between a classified, certified, and administrative application?

A certified job is a job that requires professional educator certification from the Alabama State Department of Education.  Examples include teacher, counselor, or librarian.  A classified job is any job that does not require certification.  A classified position includes secretaries, bus drivers, substitute teachers, substitute employees, instructional support aides, paraprofessionals, office workers, and child nutrition workers. An administrative position would be considered a principal, assistant principal, or similar position.


How should I code my application on the Applicant Tracking Enterprise?

To see jobs you would like to apply for, you should code your application so that you will see that particular listing of jobs.  The options are: Certified, Classified, Administrative or Certified Substitute. For example, if you are a certified teacher, you should code your application as certified.  If you are not a teacher, code your application as classified.  If you are interested in both types of jobs, code your application certified and classified.  If you do not know how to code your application, call the HCS Human Resources Department.  At the end of your application, make sure to publish it so that it can be viewed by school districts.

How can I be notified of a job opening?

Register for job notifications when you complete your application in Applicant Tracking Enterprise. Due to the high volume of applications, HCS cannot personally notify you.

Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Apply for as many jobs as you like on the Applicant Tracking Enterprise.   We welcome all applications!

Can I teach without being certified?

No.  Hoover City Schools requires that you be a certified teacher or be eligible for an Alternative Certificate.  

How can I learn more about teaching careers at Hoover City Schools? 

Please watch this video to learn more about teaching at Hoover City Schools. 

Who should I put down as a reference?

Please provide three current (dated within the last two calendar years) references on your application in Applicant Tracking Enterprise.  You may put down your most recent employer or other people who are familiar with your qualifications.  Please do not put down references that are related to you.  

I was fingerprinted by another school system or through another agency (DHR, FBI, another state, etc).  Do I have to get fingerprinted again?

Yes.  A comprehensive background clearance through ALSDE/Fieldpring, Inc. must be completed before a person can begin employment.  The background clearance directions can be found here.  If you are a certified teacher, your background clearance has already been completed through the certification process and there is no need to complete this step again.  

How do I get on the HCS substitute roster?

For information on becoming a substitute, visit the substitute page of our website here.  You may also call the Central Office at 205-439-1000 and ask for the HR representative who manages substitute employees. 

Is there another way to apply for a job at HCS besides going through the ALSDE Applicant Tracking Enterprise website?

No.  HCS posts all open positions on the Applicant Tracking Enterprise. This is the best way to apply for a position at HCS. 

Can I drop off my resume at the Central Office or at a local school?

Out of consideration to our administrative staff, we ask that you not drop off a resume at schools.  You are welcome to drop your resume off at the Central Office.  The best method for applying for a job is to complete your application fully and upload your current resume on the Applicant Tracking Enterprise and apply for relevant positions.  

How will I know if I have been selected for an interview?  

If an administrator or supervisor requests to interview an applicant, they will contact the applicant directly.  Applicants should ensure that their contact information is correct on their application in the  Applicant Tracking Enterprise.  Applicants should also check their resume for accuracy.    

I have a job offer from HCS.  What should I do next?

Please review our new hire page and call the Human Resources Department if you need assistance.  

If I am an employee and need verification of income for financial obligations. What do I do? 

Call 205-439-1000 and ask for the Payroll Department. Payroll is the only department that can provide proof of income. 

If I need proof of employment or past employment, what should I do?  

Visit the  Work Verification page of this website.  

How can I reach the HCS Human Resources Department?

You may call HCS at 205-439-1000 and ask for a Human Resources representative.  You may also visit the Human Resources Staff page.