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Certification/Work Verification

Certification Information

You must hold a valid certificate to teach in Hoover City Schools.
For additional information regarding Alabama’s certification requirements visit the Teacher Certification section of the Alabama Department of Education website at: 

ALSDE Teacher Certification Website

Current employees may contact Jennifer Cole (205-439-1041) in the Human Resources Department with any questions regarding certification, renewal, or reinstatement of an Alabama Professional Educators or Professional Leadership Certificate.


Work Verification Directions

If you leave HCS to work for a different school district and need HCS to send your new district proof of your employment, you may submit a request in the following ways:

1.  Call 205-439-1000 and ask for the Human Resources Department.
2.  Complete this Work Verification request form. 

 Sick Day Transfer
If you need sick days transferred to a new district, contact the Payroll Department at 205-439-1000 or visit the Payroll Department page on our website.