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Payment Methods



My School Bucks Customer Service - The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act prevents My School Bucks from sharing personal account information with any other entity. 

For all account payment issues, call 1-855-832-5226 

Charge Policy

Child Nutrition Account Charge Policy can be found here: Child Nutrition Charge Policy

Bad Check (NSF) Policy

Child Nutrition Program returned checks shall be sent to a third party check recovery company. The check recovery company shall draft from the endorser’s account a returned check fee. Checks not collected by the check recovery company shall be returned to the Child Nutrition Program. A letter shall be sent to the endorser informing them that they have ten (10) days to replace the returned check with cash, money order, or certified check. If payment for returned check has not been received after ten (10) days, a worthless check report shall be filed and forwarded to the office of Finance for collection. Students or staff who present a check not collected by the check recovery company shall be required to pay with cash, money order, or cashier’s check for all meals and a la carte items for the remainder of the school year. Non-public local funds shall be deposited into the Child Nutrition Program fund to cover uncollected bad checks. 


Cash will be received if it is the only form of payment available.